Hands on Hedges Project


What: To research and document the original tour made by George Midgley's in 1937/38, including the identifying and surveying hedges that were used in the demonstrations.

When: August '09 - September '09

Where: Targeted areas in Counties Antrim, Derry and Down.

What will we achieve: Investigating the hedges that were part of the 1937/38 demonstrations partly fulfils one of the aims of the HLAI which is to research and document the tradition of hedge laying in Ireland.
By publicising the original tour we would hope to identify the impact that the demonstrations made on local farm practice and hopefully identify individuals who took up hedge laying as a result.
By comparing hedges laid in 1937/38 with similar hedges that were not laid we would hope to further verify the benefits of the craft.

George Midgley and his Tour | Newspaper Clippings

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