The cost of laying a hedge is usually based on what length of hedge can be laid each day. This will require a site visit from an experienced hedge layer. Hedges vary so much in condition that it is not possible to give a general price for this work. 

Some of the factors that will influence the cost are :

– Size and number of stems 
– Amount of brambles, etc. to be cleared 
– Fencing/wire to be removed 
– Amount of ivy 
– Ground conditions 
– Access to site 
– Disposal of brash 

Landowners looking to have hedges laid are advised to request a written quotation for the work. 

Hedge laying, as part of a long-term management programme has been shown to a be more cost-effective boundary option than standard fencing. Hedges also give many other benefits that fences do not – shelter, wildlife, visual amenity, etc.

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